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Maggie Gray

Photographer / Journalist

Maggie has traveled all over the world and now finds herself immersed in helping conservation efforts through her imagery educating others on the fragility of many species.   Sumatran Orangutan, Amur Leopard, King Penguin, Emperor Penguin, Bonobo Monkeys, Southern and Northern Rockhopper Penguin, Western Lowland Gorillas, Polar Bear, the list is heartbreaking . . . . 

Many species are now gone, forever only remaining through educational materials and imagery.   Our children are now robbed of the excitement of seeing so many species in the wild or even in captivity.  As difficult as it may be to see wildlife captive, often it is the safest and most humane option left for many.   Poaching, habitat destruction, slaughter, environmental changes all are key components to precious animals now evaporating into history.   Maggie's goal is to bring the very essence of an animal through imagery.  She shows passion and depth so that even an animal photographed in captivity has meaning and worth in its existence.  Moving one to be in awe, wonder or tears through her imagery means Maggie's efforts have reached her ultimate goal.   To ensure that the essence of an animal permeates the viewer's soul to not just view but THINK and FEEL what endangered means hoping to move someone to get involved.   DO something, take action, become aware and know that even ONE photograph, ONE image, can be enough to move mountains and save lives. 





Maggie donates her artwork to worthy charitable organizations to bring awareness to their mission and utilizes her art form to educate and promote fragility of species.  Her last effort brought her the opportunity to meet Ashley Judd as an honored Guest Speaker for a fundraising event held by Home For Life Sanctuary.  Maggie knowing the massive impact Ms. Judd's worldwide efforts have made on the plight of the Bonobo Monkeys allowed Maggie to use her art form to honor Ms. Judd's work, the work of Home For Life and raise monies to help Home For Life continue their work.  This Bonobo Monkey image above was created by Maggie to evoke emotion and to show a haunting reality of the plight of the Bonobos.  Ms. Gray demanded of herself that the art piece educate, raise awareness, and inspire people to act.  One image can open a world of possibilities.


Maggie is very outspoken against any canned hunting, live baiting, luring or any unnatural efforts used to obtain wildlife photos.  If luring is involved, you have left natural behavior and respect for an animal's survival in the dust leaving it open to human interference and its possible death having lost its fear of man.   

Camera Gear:  Nikon D850, Nikon D500, Nikon D7200, 300 F4 VR with Nikon 1.4 Teleconverter, Nikon 200-500,  Nikon 200-400, Sigma 1.4mm Art Lens, Nikon 14-24, Sigma Sport 150-600, Nikon 50,  Sigma 10-20mm, etc.  

Contact Maggie for reprint and reproduction options. Maggie is also available for private showings or special orders upon demand.  Maggie also supports charitable organizations and will donate a piece of art for charity auction to raise monies and awareness.  Ask!

All images COPYRIGHT and protected by law, no reproduction or copying permitted. 


Contributing Columnist Standard Gazette & Messenger

Former Editor in Chief for FemWorldview Magazine

Former Editor and Creator for Victoria Gazette

Former Founder of Facebook Photography Group "Wild Women Photography"

Former CEO and Founder of Minnesota Helpers - 501(c)3



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