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Roadtrip Gone Sideways

So here I was, in late December, headed to an Eagle river rafting trip in a small town in Washington State USA. I decided to drive all the way so that I could take in amazing sights through the mountains, stopping whenever I chose. The weather turned horrid and the river rafting trip was out of the question. I would jeopardize my gear in pouring torrential rain. I was heartbroken in the change of plan.

To my surprise, a friend who lives in Gardiner, Montana said turn that car around and head back our way! I was already in Montana and decided to go for it. I hadn't been to Yellowstone in years and this was a surprise change in my perfectly laid plans.

My friend Linda and her husband Reg were amazing! They offered me a place to stay in their home. I was stunned honestly. We had only become friends on Facebook, her being a member of my Facebook Photography Group and my having followed her amazing Yellowstone adventures for quite some time.

Within one day, I had seen the Wapiti Wolf Pack, Coyote, Eagles, Buffalo, the list goes on. I have never been so graciously received nor chauffered on such a generous journey than with Linda.

I recently suffered a very hard injury which prohibits my travel for 6 months.

But trust me, I just realized I've met a dear friend, I've opened a new place in my heart for Yellowstone and seeing wolves in the wild was a bucket list item I've now accomplished. Yellowstone, Linda and Reggie, I'm coming back to your home and where you shared your hearts with mine.

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