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Wild and Free - the Magic of the Banker Mustangs

After staying for two weeks on the remote 4WD beach of Corolla, North Carolina and spending that time photographing the Wild Mustangs, I realized taking photos was not nearly enough. I realized their situation is endangered and that I must, as a wildlife photographer, DO something. Answer? A book!

"Wild and Free - the Magic of the Banker Mustangs" is my journey on that beach. Every book sale creates a donatiaon to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. If you want to do something to help preserve these Mustangs' land and safety, please contact me to purchase my book. Many visitors leave there disappointed that they didn't capture images as a memory and my book is a way to keep that memory alive or give them a more beautiful experience of the power and majesty of these Mustangs. Click here to contact me about purchase details:

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