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To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved!

I know we have all experienced betrayal whether by family member, friend or coworker. It is a powerful gift when we offer our hearts or trust to someone. We wear our emotions on our sleeves and there becomes an unspoken truth that we hope that person holds our heart dear. But often by accident we discover we've been betrayed, lied to or deceived. We must at that time hold our tongue. Wait for the anger and hurt to pass. Say nothing. Find solace and comfort in the silence. You owe the betrayer nothing any more. You must hold fast to your sense of worth and know that time will heal your hurt. If you're bullied, quit the relationship, leave the friendship, or move on from the toxic situation. It takes no strength to stay, it takes self worth and dignity to know when to cut your loss and steal away your heart to be given to someone more deserving. Never doubt yourself or your self worth. Never allow anyone to bully you. Find support. But most important, be proud that you saw through the fog and left behind an individual who will never haunt you or harm your spirit again. Rules of love and friendship: NEVER lie to someone who trusts you and NEVER trust someone who lies to you.

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