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The Universe Gods Provide

One morning I went on the hunt for a family of fox that I had followed for years. It was with heartbreak I found a local woman with 3 dogs trying to locate the fox dens and forcing the foxes out with their kits into danger and possible attack by her hunting dogs. I am fortunate to have a great relationship with local authorities and was able to have hidden trail cameras installed to protect the foxes as they are in a protected class. The woman was capture on-camera in the area and was ticketed and banned from the location due to the vigilance of the local authorities, animal conservation officers and an alert public.

This one glorious summer morning at sunrise, alone, using smell and sound, I had a gift from the universe. I found a mound of dirt (fox kits love to romp) and this beautiful little kit was chasing bugs and squirrels right at sunrise. Momma fox was hidden away watching her youngster and never strayed far from his antics. Glorious sunrise and this little guy had NO fear of me. I was shooting with my 500mm lens so plenty of distance to not cause any alarm in momma fox.

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