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Yellowstone and its Beauty

Even with conservation efforts, tracking and collaring with constant monitoring, it was tragic to find out that one of the most beloved of wolves was shot and killed just outside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park. It is heartbreaking to visit Yellowstone and see the absolutely deplorable behavior of tourists in buses and autos, crowding, terrorizing and acting with total disregard to wildlife just trying to survive. We must now collar animals through conservation effort to ensure their survival. Yet one wrong selfish "photo op" or misplaced step can end the life of an animal in the wild due to lack of education or greed.

I was very fortunate to stay with a friend last winter in Gardiner, Montana, the beautiful little town right out of Yellowstone National Park's main entrance. We were so fortunate to see the Wapiti Wolf pack, Coyote, Fox and plenty of other wildlife during my stay! My favorite time of year to do photography is winter and Yellowstone showed her beauty with this stunning Coyote we found in the Lamar Valley. I was blessed to see this beautiful predator in full coat on the hunt.

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