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Why Sanctuaries Exist

Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary is located in Mississippi. I had been invited to come to the Sanctuary to bring awareness to their followers and the public of the history behind the existence of Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary and how it came to be. Kay McElroy, driven and empathetic, realized there were hundreds of predators discarded by Zoos, being sold underground through the AZA to inferior zoos in foreign countries and animals raised by individuals now to powerful to be captive in their possession.

Every year the Zoos have their Spring "Zoo Babies". It's a great way to bring the families, the children and photographers alike. Who doesn't like baby animals? It hold the "awe" factor and generates attention and revenue. Yet what about those older animals? Where do they go? Do they live their lives in captivity? What happens to those predators who no longer bring the crowds or entice the visitors?

Thus Sanctuaries are borne out of necessity not desire. There is also an underground world that many people in the US are unaware exists. These are Game Farm, Canned Hunting Farms, Ranches for the rich, Zoo castoffs - lions, tigers, bears, you name it......sold through organizations that sell to the highest bidder. Hunters flock to these locations paying their entry fee and literally walk up to enclosures with animals that have grown complacent with humans don't flinch as they are slaughtered.

This image is KD the Cougar taken at Cedarhill at the request of Kay McElroy. I donated many images to them to raise awareness and funds to continue their extraordinary work. Ms. McElroy was instrumental in bringing to a halt any canned hunting in the State of Mississippi. This image was donated by me for a silent art auction.

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