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Blood Red Sky

When I moved to my little town, my favorite neighbor Katie told me, Maggie, sometimes you can see the sun or sky colors reflecting in the Church's windows behind your home. I'm in a small Southwestern Minnesota town with four churches. That glorious evening, I was serenaded by the Church Bells chiming "Emmanuel". Then I look out my back window and I see the most amazing blood red sky! No words!!! In my bathrobe (yes), I leapt out the back door running out into the open field laying on the ground in the wide open field next door. I could NOT believe how that sky danced on the windows of the Church. This is why we are photographers. This is why we go places and do things that most sane people say, yah, I saw it. But that's not enough for us. It's never enough for us. So we push through rain, snow, freezing weather, gloomy days, bright days, bad lighting days, trekking, mud, gear issues and we don't stop until we create magic. That's the moment you KNOW when you're shooting, you KNOW you just created Art.

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