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Bucket List Once In My Lifetime!

I was so happy to know that the once in a million lifetime's event occurred December 21st, 2020! It was the conjunction of two Planets - Jupiter and her Moons and Saturn with her beautiful rings! I trekked out thanking the Universe that I had a brilliant blue sky with a blood red sunset skyline that enveloped the heavens!

Using my Nikon D850 and my Nikon D500, I sported the Nikon 200-500 lens with my Nikon 1.4II teleconverter to get as much reach as possible. What? Trying to photograph planets with NO telescope? The winds were brutal with 25-30 MPH and the wind chill brought the temperatures down into the subzero range. I was NOT going to allow the winds and below zero conditions to thwart my determination to at least SEE this extraordinary event!

Success! Granted my images were at best a bit blurred but imagine my astonishment to see that I not only captured Saturn's rings but Jupiter with at least two of her moons! You can't describe it. You had to be there. You just NEEDED to be there. And I was, December 21, 2020, a day that I will remember when I'm too old to hoise my gear and will sit in my recliner remembering I did it! I saw the heavens and a miracle I could have missed.

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