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Elusive and Competition from Great Horned Owls

The Barred Owl while smaller than the Great Horned Owl is often hunted and killed by GHO's and Northern Goshawks as prey. Often they seek protection away from open woods due to predators. Barred Owls live in large, mature forests made up of both deciduous trees and evergreens, often near water. They nest in tree cavities.

I was SO fortunate this early fall morning late November 2021 to venture into a small wooded area having spotted a coyote and hoping to capture its image! Much to my dismay off ran the coyote but not before this beautiful Barred Owl flew right past me and landed in a tree directly above me. For the next 10 minutes I had the luxury of its presence and with its beauty had totally forgotten my quest for the coyote.

While most other owls have yellow eyes, the Barred Owl has brown eyes. It has a small sharp dull yellow beak. Named after the bars on its chest the Barred Owl is the most vocal of Eastern owls. It is sometimes called the laughing owl due to its many vocalizations, Click on this link to hear their beautiful vocals:

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