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Gift from the Gods

I can't help it. NOTHING will capture my heart, move me to tears or soothe my spirit more than Red Foxes and more specifically Fox Kits. NOTHING. I have spent 11 months in my new location earnestly asking, begging, inquiring, driving, you name it . . . what all seemed for naught. Told over and over, they've all but disappeared, they're poisoned or killed by farmers or coyotes. I was heartbroken. And THEN one glorious morning out searching the rural country gravel roads, a gift from the gods leapt out of the ravine. I thought feral cat. No....wait! Are you kidding? Tell me you are KIDDING? That familiar orange color, that white tipped tail! Yes, thank you, thank you! A fox kit no larger than a kitten! I have now embarked upon a journey from their 2 -4 week stage through when they leave the den to embark on their adult journey. So far, 6 kits, and the best is yet to be.

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