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Life Waits For No One . . .

I have a bit of sadness. I know I shouldn't. I want to be grateful. But the dens are abandoned. I now have been there 7 times in all times of day - lightness and dark, and I am hopeful mom moved the kits to a now safer location to commence their training for life to hunt and survive. I stayed last night through pitch dark hoping to hear calls in the dark, but all I got was silence, wind and more silence. I am going to continue to go back hoping to capture their calls, if possible. I believe the main den was the nursery and they're now moved. But seeing the one entry dug up, a guy driving by last night in a pickup up SLOWLY looking at the denning area, gives me pause. You take 100's of images and think too many, dump a few, you overdid Maggie. NOW I am so so grateful for rapidfire, for too many images, too many ridiculously adorably maybe I will never edit images that will sustain me till I find them again or am blessed in fall or winter seeing them hunt in that area. I am hooked, they've taken me with them like it or not. I'm now weirdly part of their family, their pack, their new journey. How did that happen? Run free guys, be safe, be cunning, but no matter wild and free. My beautiful Foxes.

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