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This I learned was one of the more daring of all six of the Fox kits. He was first out of the Den, first to lay in the sun, first to explore his surroundings and first to venture out past his existing small world. As a photographer, you are in awe of noting the transition from "absolutely adorable" to "formidable predator". There's such a massive quick transition from small balls of fur to sleek and cunning hunters. If you're lucky, you get to be there. Wild foxes, if able to survive, can have a limited life span of 2-3 years or, if very fortunate, live up to 7 years of age. Seven! Think about that. So everything they do must be learned, taught and endured at a rapid pace. So if you're blessed to see them whether in rural or urban settings, remember their lives are extremely brief and their presence is either loved or loathed.

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