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They Grow Up So Fast!!!!

Having moved out to a rural location along the Minnesota River, I am constantly on the hunt for wildlife. There's so much to learn about the "bottom" as they call the River Bottom here. The nuances of seasons, quirkiness of rural life and the peaceful moments when you're on a back gravel road and there's NO ONE around. NO ONE. It's so still it soothes your soul in a way you can't describe. Juvenile Eagles are the most glorious of raptors highly endangered and threatened by the adults, lead poisoning and high mortality rates. Their striking variations of color as they mature MUST be captured! They are ever-changing and when you get that rare opportunity hunt the farmlands away from the rivers, patiently scouring tree lines and woods, you MAY just get lucky as I did this morning on this January 28, 2020 day! This guy didn't care at all that I was out there. He had a hunting sibling and I watched as both Juveniles soared over open fields lofting up and down in such grace you can't lift your camera. You just have to watch them soar.

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