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Why I Love Birds in Flight

You aren't worth your salt as a photographer until you start mastering "BIF" Birds in Flight. So many photographers are intimidated the moment their subject moves. Each accomplished togger tries to master their chosen field of work whether portrait work, landscape, infrared, aerial, night, black and white, architecture, astro, abstract, photojournalism, sports, the list is endless. But once you really KNOW your heart, what drives your soul, you may venture into various types of photography but you will always be pulled back by a force that is inexplicable. For me, it's wildlife, over and over again, and ultimately "BIF". It took a long time for me to master not only the exposure, but shutter speed, metering, angle, light, composition and more. Shooting in manual mode means sometimes you may just miss that perfect shot, but for me, metering has always been my number one setting and then I move to Fstop, shutter and ISO. There is nothing more astounding when you leave the "auto" mode in the past and you leap into full manual mode knowing you MAY miss a few but when you have those perfect settings and nail a bird in flight shot, you have a sense of accomplishment in yourself and your skills.

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